12.02.03 - The Beginning
I'm on my way back from fulfilling a dream. Me and my musical comrades Trip, Seth, and Matt have just boarded a plane back from Bearsville Studio, the legendary studio. How did we get here?

At the beginning of this project all I had was music, music that really meant something to me. I began to think about recording it but I wanted it done right. That can be a difficult formula to figure out. I had heard of Bearsville and started to talk to some people on how to make it an option.

Within a few weeks I was penciled in for some time in October, it would be alot more than I could afford so I would have to figure out some loans. I decided
to ask my brother Trip to play guitar on it. I had always wanted to work with
him. I also knew that I wanted to work with Seth again who I had done my first
solo album with me four years earlier. The last step was finding a drumer, and
I knew it had to be Matt someone i had worked with briefly with during my short time in North Carolina years ago. I left for NC to get the project underway.........

.......Two months later we were in Bearsville with an almost impossible task
on our hands, recording a full length album in three days. We did it though
and had a blast while we were. There's something about the way the four of us
work together, there's an understanding and it couldn't have been done with
anybody else........

...........I left there with a piece of work that said what I needed to say, I felt a sense of relief.....and thats just the first step of whats ahead.
I hope everyone enjoys what came out of this project. I want to make sure I stay in touch with everyone it touches, so I'll be posting all kinds of info from me on this page. Also feel free to share your ideas with me through my e-mail whenever......

Hope to see everyone soon,