2.18.05:: Two new tour dates
Hey guys! Billy's got two new tour dates up. Check them out!
2.6.05:: Latest review of Billy Joe

Hey guys. Hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl! Check out the "What They're Saying" section to see the latest review of Billy's work.

1.15.05:: New tour dates and more!
Hey guys! Happy New Year and whatnot! Billy's got some new tour dates up for January and February. Click on the Tour page to check them out. Also, for those of you in the Wilmington area, Billy will now be playing on Thursdays at Divano (above Prima) 9:30-11:30pm.
11.28.04:: Radio show and a new link!
Hi guys, hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! Billy's got a new show this Wednesday. Check out the tour dates link for more info. Also We got a link up from one of Billy's recent shows. Check out the links page for that.
11.03.04:: Updates and more updates!

Hey guys. We got a couple of updates for ya in November! Billy got a killer review in Encore, which you can read here or under the "What they've been saying" section.

Also we have online distrubution of our cd through Fractured Discs...a record label out of Chapel Hill www.fractured-discs.com. Check them both out.

10.12.04:: News bits!
Hey, everyone! sorry it's been so long. we've been pretty busy trying to get Billy's music into as many hands as physically possible. Some exciting things
are happening, and we'll be sure to let you know as they become definite so definitely keep an eye out.

One of those exciting things happens to be Billy Joe playing Thursday nights at Divano in Wilmington, NC, a beautiful sofa bar above Prima at 35 North Front Street in downtown Wilmington. Billy will be playing solo from 9:30 - 11:30 and we're really looking forward to it as it's a real nice place to comfortably sit, listen to some great music, and sip on some fantastic drinks (if of age of course). Hope to see you there!

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12.02.03 - The Beginning
1.05.04 - The Holidays
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