STAR BRIGADE: Resurgent (Star Brigade Book 1)

An enemy unleashed. A combat unit in jeopardy. Can a disgraced soldier be humanity’s savior?

A string of terrorist attacks explode across Galactic Union Space. The culprit: the Korvenite Liberation Front. Their target: humankind. If left unchecked, the Korvenites’ vendetta will bring the Union–and humanity—to their knees.

The elite Star Brigade unit once produced some of the Union’s finest soldiers. And amongst Star Brigade’s roster, Captain Habraum Nwosu was the best. Was—until one catastrophic battle annihilated both his team and Star Brigade’s reputation. Now Nwosu has fled his post, disgraced and broken. Against a foe as merciless as the Korvenites, Star Brigade needs to be at its best. But with a dwindling roster and Habraum Nwosu’s absence, the Brigade’s best might not be enough. And this time, failure is not an option.

Star Brigade: Resurgent is a rollercoaster of thrilling space opera. If you like your military sci-fi with complex characters and rip-roaring action, then you’ll love the first installment of the Star Brigade series from C.C. Ekeke. Buy Star Brigade: Resurgent and start your intergalactic adventure today!

STAR BRIGADE: Maelstrom (Star Brigade Book 2)


Just days ago, Habraum Nwosu and his Star Brigade team stole a narrow victory over the Korvenite Independence Front. But what truly turned the tide? A mysterious ally from Nwosu’s war-torn past. And dissent within Star Brigade over her presence nearly ripped the team apart.

The Korvenite insurgents, led by the ferocious demagogue Maelstrom, remain three steps ahead of everyone. His Korvenite Independence Front is hell-bent on extinguishing humanity. And every move they make pushes that dream closer toward a terrifying reality.

With time running out, the Galactic Union orders Star Brigade to put an end to Maelstrom and the Korvenite Independence Front. Now Nwosu must quickly hone this ragtag group of two veterans, an illegal alien and a handful of untested rookies into a combat-ready unit. Do Nwosu and his fledgling Star Brigade stand a chance at stopping Maelstrom’s xenocidal endgame?

Star Brigade: Maelstrom is the second installment in the Star Brigade military sci-fi book series. If you loved the nonstop action of Star Brigade: Resurgent, then buy Star Brigade: Maelstrom and join the team today!

STAR BRIGADE: The Supremacy (Star Brigade Book 3)

SB_TheSupremacy_300x455 A fractured world. Deadly extremists. A Galactic Union in peril.

For Captain Habraum Nwosu, Star Brigade’s latest mission sounded simple. Crush a tribe of barbaric extremists disrupting trade on the Union memberworld Faroor. But as soon as the operation begins, the full extent of this tribe’s destructive powers comes to light. Now Nwosu and his team find themselves battling an adversary far deadlier than imagined.

Mission failure means civil war between Faroor’s two species. And open conflict on any memberworld weakens an already beleaguered Galactic Union. Star Brigade must prevail at any costs. But will the cost of victory be too high for Nwosu and his team?

Meanwhile, shadowy forces view this conflict as an avenue to destabilize the Union completely, even if millions of lives are lost.

Star Brigade: The Supremacy marks the third installment in the Star Brigade sci-fi series. If you enjoy immersive military sci-fi adventures, then set your sights on C.C. Ekeke’s action-packed intergalactic saga. Pull the trigger and buy your copy today!

STAR BRIGADE: Ascendant (Star Brigade Book 4)


Star Brigade CT-1 stands triumphant, yet fragmented. Their victory over the rogue Ghebrekh tribe came at a huge cost. Two teammates, including Captain Habraum Nwosu, vanished during the battle, their current whereabouts unknown. Even worse, the Ghebrekh’s high chief Ghuj’aega escapes custody.

The tribal leader resumes his plan to merge with the mysterious Zenith Point, which will elevate his power to terrifying new heights. And the consequences of Ghuj’aega’s ascension reach far beyond the planet Faroor.

The rest of Star Brigade CT-1 must locate their missing teammates in order to stand any chance against Ghuj’aega. But the arrival of a new player throws everything into question, including their enemy’s true endgame.

Back at Star Brigade’s HQ, Samantha D’Urso fights to salvage CT-2’s botched mission against the Children of Earth. Leading her own combat team has not gone smoothly. And despite the new captain’s outward stubbornness, she longs for the guidance of ex-lover Habraum Nwosu. Meanwhile, the Children of Earth press their edge on Star Brigade and retaliate in merciless fashion. Can D’Urso thwart their counterstrike before these human supremacists land a fatal blow?

Star Brigade: Ascendant is the fourth book in the Star Brigade science fiction series. If Star Brigade: The Supremacy left you on the edge of your seat, then Star Brigade: Zenith Point will blast you into deep space. This novel is a surefire addition to your military sci-fi library. Start the ignition and buy your copy today!


STAR BRIGADE: Odysseys (A Star Brigade Anthology)


Experience sixteen original science fiction stories, each taking place throughout the cataclysmic events of Star Brigade: Resurgent and Star Brigade: Maelstrom.

This collection includes stories of a Star Brigade veteran compromised by a tragic secret that alters his very existence, a pair of female bounty hunters chasing a psychic predator at the galactic fringe and how one simple data search drops the life of a missing soldier into Habraum Nwosu’s hands.

Each riveting tale plunges you further into the immersive Star Brigade universe.

PLUS! Two deleted chapters from Star Brigade: Resurgent and more!

If you enjoyed the enthralling action and ambrosial space opera of the Star Brigade sci-fi series, then you’ll find sixteen reasons to love the Star Brigade: Odysseys collection. Buy your copy of this addictive anthology today!